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Misty HaralsonMisty Haralson, CPC, COC, CPMA is the founder of Medical A/R Services, LLC, a US-based Billing Company. Bringing almost 15 years of Full Revenue Cycle Management Experience, she has extensive experience in detailed analysis of claims for appropriate reimbursment and appealing claims.

Misty has always cherished the providers who take the time to help patients and this is her way to “give back”. We have a mission to create a hassle-free billing process so physicians can focus on their patients and take care of the community.

Misty is presently a member of the National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants  (NSCHBC) and the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC).  She holds multiple certifications and a certification in proficiency of ICD-10. Her coding and reimbursment specialties are General Surgery, Trauma, Critical Care, Gastroenterology, MNT, Non-invasive Colorectal/Colorectal.

We want to help keep the autonomy of the private practice so private physicians can do what they enjoy, and that Is taking care of patients. 

We take pride in:

  • Not forcing long term contracts
  • Open communication through the billing operations process and/or workflow
  • Allowing you to choose one billing service or multiple services, to keep your options open and allow autonomy
  • Not being a collection agency, but we can and will still communicate with patients about their bill
  • Becoming a part of your team and not taking it over
  • Emphasizing focus on government insurance companies like Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare.

All in all, we want to create an atmosphere of open communication and to keep the autonomy of private physicians.

We want you to love your A/R, as it tells your financial story.


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